I invited DJ to share his unique perspective on leadership, motivation, and service with a group of technology, sales, and media professionals…DJ's clear, simple and powerful message of what it means to be a warrior and what it means to be successful within the context of personal and professional goals was the perfect message to make the day meaningful and memorable. His message resonated with the entire audience and will be remembered as the highlight of the day!

--Al Rosabal, EVP & CTO, National CineMedia, Inc.

DJ was everything we were looking for and hoped to discover...an inspiring, enriching and relevant message of courage for any of us looking for answers and change in unsettling times. Understandably as valuable today as it was for yesterday’s warrior. A transformative experience!

--Daniel Killam, SPHR, Manager, Workforce Development, Diversity & Succession Planning,
Oregon Department of Transportation

D.J. Vanas is a powerful, passionate and persuasive speaker, and his ability to ignite any audience into action is remarkable, and makes him one of the most exciting, relevant and memorable speakers we have used in the Colorado National Guard.

--Major Anne Green, State Equal Employment Manager, Colorado Army National Guard

Recently D.J. Vanas addressed a large contingent of IBMers from across North America. He spoke as always from the heart and offered his wisdom and words in a way that resonated... His work will become a permanent part of IBM's Diversity media library. His messages are different from the typical leadership or motivational messages... He uses his Native heritage, life long experiences and our relatives in Nature to explain the interconnectedness of our world... Personally I would recommend any company or organization, any community for that matter, to consider D.J. as an exceptional speaker, someone who can take a life story and relate it to the busy world we live in today, helping us grow, de-stress, and live our lives in a better way. Many thanks D.J. for your time and for sharing your talents!

--Michele Morningstar (Oneida),IBM Program Manager

D.J. was dynamic, energetic and entertaining... Our staff raved about his ability to infuse a sense of fun into his training while making his points relatable and on topic. We can't wait to have him back again! His ability to utilize his sense of tradition with modern day examples helps make his points fresh, relatable and helpful for us during a period of economic turmoil...

--Kevin Carraro, Early Learning Coalition of Brevard

D.J.'s message is amazingly powerful yet artfully simplistic to apply to work, career, and home life. Although D.J. is masterful in inspiring people in his own way using insight, humor, and concrete steps to high performance, I can't help but associate him with the industry greats like Zig, Tony, and Tom. He can inspire desire for excellence, motivate to develop the path, and provide the impetus for action. Our organization is now poised for greatness because D.J. provided the spark!

--Kevin Graefe, J.P. Morgan, Participant Services Manager

D.J. Vanas is an uplifting motivational speaker! He is inspiring, sincere, humorous, inspirational, leaving you hanging on every word! If you have the opportunity to hear D.J., make sure you're in the front row! You won't want to miss a single word he says! Employees have told me the following: I loved D.J.'s inspiring motivational speech! He made me think about my career and personal goals! He was just what I need to get back on track! He lifted the mood of my office morale! I enjoyed every second! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Thank you D.J. you're the greatest!

--Christy Bates, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

It is evident that D.J. puts his heart and soul into what he delivers. His messages are clear and concise with practical examples and techniques that anyone can learn and apply to their own work style. He leaves you with valued inspiration and a desire to seek your own paths and direction of where you want to go professionally and personally. With the true stories, humor and personal aspirations he uses as examples and motivators, his sessions leave you feeling energized and ready to conquer the world! I would highly recommend D.J. Vanas to any company or organization ready to make a big change in the way they train and motivate their employees by allowing him to show them the true warriors they are meant to be.

--Karen Goodnight, Training Director, The Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce

[D.J.'s] great leadership has proven to be a most wonderful asset to our nation's youth and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America! His ability to intertwine personal stories, humor and motivation was amazing.

--Ronnie Jenkins, Vice President, Services to Clubs, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

You're like my Grandma, Black Elk and other spiritual leaders and Dr. Phil all rolled into one!

--Velda Shelby, Flathead Indian Reservation, Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes

Your courage and energy are great examples of what it is to truly be a warrior. You touched my heart and helped to awaken my spirit to being a contributor NOW - not to wait, but to use Creator's gifts wherever and whenever I can.

--Marcy Van Horn, IBM

You possess an extraordinary ability to connect with your audience and provide a meaningful and practical message that everyone can relate to. Your remarks provided our tribal child care administrators with encouragement and positive energy that will no doubt motivate them to greater achievements administering childcare in their tribal communities. The guidance you shared...was truly inspiring to our tribal child care directors and significantly contributed to the overall success of the annual conference!

--Shannon Christian, Associate Commissioner, Child Care Bureau

Your opening session... on 'The Warrior Within' was terrific! You had us laughing and you had us crying - what an inspirational session to listen to. We heard all positive comments from attendees and we're sure this presentation had an impact on everyone who attended - once again thank you!

--Mary Oberstar & Monique Drier-Sutton, Co-Chairs Minnesota Corrections Association

Never have I seen students leap to their feet to deliver a standing ovation at anything other than a concert performance. And even then, it was not as enthusiastic as the heart-felt and spontaneous ovation you received. For weeks afterward, these students were literally buzzing about your session and telling their friends who chose to skip it that 'you don't know what you missed!'

--Rochelle T. Mason, Director of Minority Student Life, Colorado College

D.J. Vanas' philosophy and teachings inspire excellence in everyone. His leadership and dedication to prepare 21st century warriors for success in both the non-Indian and Indian worlds is impressive and greatly needed.

--Ceni Myles, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of the American Indian

Your presentation thoughtfully blends insight, motivation, and humor with such genius that, for me, you transcend the definition of a motivational speaker. As worthwhile as all the training we've had... your presentation is perhaps the only thing I can confidently say I will never forget.

--Louis Abramowski, Attendee at "The Warrior Within"

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